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Latest Techniques
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Latest Techniques

Conroy Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy works with state-of-the-art interventions to help patients return to a healthy lifestyle.

Core Stabilization
Core Stabilization

Core Stabilization - When we move, some muscles hold us steady, others actually move us. Core stabilization is the general term for how the muscles of your trunk keep your spine and body stable. This helps you stay balanced when you move.
Core stability benefits everyone. Exercises for core stabilization should be part of every conditioning program, along with flexibility, strength, and aerobic training.

Laser Stimulation

Laser Stimulation - The application of light to injuries and lesions stimulates healing and increases the quality and tensile strength of tissue repair. Light is absorbed into the cell creating energy that produces biological materials that help heal and repair damaged cells and tissues. LASER is used in wound care, tissue repair, inflammatory conditions and pain control.


Ionto Patch® - is an extended time release electronic transdermal drug delivery system. An innovative patch, consisting of integrated electrodes and battery produces an electric current to carry drug molecules non-invasively across the skin and to underlying tissue in a time-released manner. The IontoPatch?is applied for 24 hours. It can be slept on, showered with, wrapped, braced and used with hot or cold therapy.

Neuromotor Control

Neuromotor Control - The underlying building blocks of muscle strength, muscle tonicity, postural mechanisms, and reflex integration.

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